how to get married in ireland?

Are you engaged to be married?

Confused about what to do next?

Here’s a handy guide for you(in two formats: VIDEO AND TEXT)

(Warning: Video contains music. You can change the speed and quality of the video in the settings in right hand corner).


You are both more than 18 years old, AND
Both of you can give consent to marry.

What’s next

Notify the Registrar at a Civil Registration Service.

When should you notify the Registrar?

You have to give minimum 3 months notice to the registrar.

How to contact the Registrar?

Contact your Civil Registration Service Office
You can find your nearest office in HSE website.
Some counties have online form. Fill the form.

Documents needed for the appointment

Birth certificate,
Immigration status for non-EU nationals,
Non-EU nationals: must authenticate birth certificates.

You will also need the following information:

Names of your witnesses,
Filled up “Capture of Data form”,
Notification fee,
Date and venue,
Nature of ceremony,
Name of solemniser.

Folks who were married before:

You must have:
a) divorce decree, or
b) death certificate of spouse

What to expect in the meeting with the Registrar?

You will sign the declaration that you wish to marry, and are eligible.
You will pay the fee.
Registrar will check your document.You will recieve the license to marry.

Now what

You have the Marriage License!

It is also known as the “Green Folder”.

It is valid for 6 months from your proposed wedding date.

Keep the license safely.

You have to bring it to the venue on your wedding day.

You must submit the form within 30 days of your wedding.

I hope you found this helpful

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