I have over ten years experience in research and advocacy.

I have worked with non-profits in India on various projects.

My area of interests include: reformative justice, gender justice, accessibility. I have worked with victims of state violence, caste violence, gender based violence and with children in conflict with law.

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Research -- Public Policy, Best Practices, Publication and Writing
Advocacy: Report Writing , Monitoring and Evaluation, Design accessible and safe places,The Serotonin Club
Training: Training the team, Designing curriculum, Design and implement awareness program

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She demonstrated effective knowledge and implementation of the law and translated legal strategies for the clients so that they could contribute towards their own justice with the lawyer. She is also collaborative, open and meticulous. Priyangee would be an irreplaceable asset to any organisation.” Shohini Bannerjee, Consultant, Gender Justice

Priyangee is our advisor, mentor and friend, who holds our hands and gently supports us wherever we can better our perspective and understanding of the world from a human rights based, feminist and social inclusion lens. She brings experience, ethic and integrity to the advisory board and is not afraid to speak her mind and heart. If you’re on the side of justice, you will appreciate her take. She brings deep understanding of neuro diversity, disability and feminism across all conversations, with the only hope that she helps weave a more socially just world everyway and everyday for the most vulnerable and marginalized..” Sonal Kapoor, Protsahan

Working with Priyangee was a breeze. We worked together on a curriculum development project. She had a several useful ideas and was also regular with her deadlines. I found her to be kind and with a keen sense of understanding of matters related to social justice, which made her a pleasure to work with.” Shobha, PhD, Indiana University

I worked with Priyangee right after law school. While she was my superior, not once was I made to feel that lacking experience disqualified me from having worthwhile inputs that my peers often complained about for their first jobs. It was extremely comfortable working with her and her passion for her work carefully checked with a cool professionalism was something I haven’t noticed in lawyers until they have been in the profession for over 10 years which I hope to have someday as well.” Amrita Michael, Lawyer.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from her standards of organization and uncompromising perfectionism. Her work is a direct reflection of her regard for quality and her zeal for knowledge, with a vision for systemic change. Her ability to ideate the unconventional, to make the present and future relevant, whilst being sensitive in her approach stands nothing short of commendable. Her attention to the details even with short turnaround obligations makes her an efficient professional in the industry.” Nancy Sara, Lawyer.

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