In my stint of working in the non-governmental sector, I have had the privilege of working with barely a handful of individuals as capable and articulate as Priyangee. As her peer, I’ve been fortunate to learn from her standards of organization and uncompromising perfectionism. Her work is a direct reflection of her regard for quality and her zeal for knowledge, with a vision for systemic change. Her ability to ideate the unconventional, to make the present and future relevant, whilst being sensitive in her approach stands nothing short of commendable. Her attention to the details even with short turnaround obligations makes her an efficient professional in the industry. Admirable is the wisdom she exercises in recognizes the need to step back and focus on mental wellness to make an effective comeback, a quality unfortunately lost in the industry today. That said, I assure the highest level commitment from Priyangee as a Professional and an individual, to any establishment investing in her skills.